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Nautical Panels

Our Lightest Fiberglass Composite Panel

Coosa Composites' Nautical Panelnautical1s are manufactured from high density, closed-cell polyurethane foam reinforced with continuous strand fiberglass and can be utilized for multiple applications, including:

  • Marine
  • Industrial / Commercial
  • Transportation
  • Architectural

Nautical Panels have outstanding physical properties from the utilization of continuous strand fiberglass reinforcements. Removing the woven roving layers found in the Bluewater series results in slightly lower flexural strengths, yet lower costs. Nautical Panels are available in densities of 15, 20 and 24 pounds lbs/ft3 (pcf) and sizes: 4 ft. x 8 ft. up to 5 ft. x 12 ft. Thicknesses are available from: 0.25 inch up to 2 inches. Note: Nautical 15 is not available in 0.25 in. or 3/8".

Click Here to view our Test Data Sheet for more physical property information.

Coosa's Nautical Panels are manufactured by our skilled employees in a safe and environmentally friendly facility. We use the finest polyurethane and fiberglass available, ensuring our quality products will remain non-absorbent, stable, and tough under normal and non-abusive use. It is the responsibility of the customer to ultimately qualify the product for its intended specific application.

Coosa Composites' panels do not attract mold or fungus, and offers a very low water absorption, 1.5% or less, and are very user friendly and can be worked with normal woodworking tools.


Nautical 24

  • The strongest and stiffest of the Nautical series panels
  • Proven lightweight, high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Density of 24 pounds per cubic foot
  • Typically used as a semi-structural or stiffening component
  • 37% or more lighter than plywood

Nautical 20

  • Coosa's economical alternative in the Nautical series
  • Density of 20 pounds per cubic foot
  • Typically used as a low stress structural component
  • 45% or more lighter than plywood

Nautical 15

  • Coosa's highly-economical, super-lightweight glass-reinforced panel
  • Density of 15 pounds per cubic foot
  • Typically used as a core or low-stress semi-structural component
  • 61% or more lighter than plywood

Extremely high strength - to - weight ratio

  • Good sound and thermal insulation
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional cost effectiveness